I mixed a few projects below to showcase the dexterity of my design style and my drafting work. Please take your time and take a look around.

Scented Boho Candle Labels
COVID Campus Card
College Material Tee
Trend Tee Clothing - Bag Secured
Trend Tee - Bag Secured Black Tee
Trend Tee Clothing - Space Kitty
Trend Tee Clothing - "Let's Taco Bout It" Tee
Trend Tee Clothing - "Snack" Tee
Trend Tee Clothing - Positive Vibes Only
Trend Tee Clothing - Wok & Roll Tee
Lebron LA
Social Awareness  Mock

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College Material Tee

The "College Material" tee was a project I worked on for Wallace Community College's TRIO services. The thought behind the tee was to keep it simple and to create a rigid typography mimic'd a gold sheet that's been pressed to form the word "college". Most of the students who participate in TRIO are first generation college students, and I wanted signify the preciousness/significance of the people who would wear it. It was a popular design that the students loved.